Forklift Courses

Forklift courses are arranged individually to accommodate the skills of the operators and requirements of individual businesses. They range from 1 day refresher training up to 5 days for novice operators, with a maximum of 3 trainees per course. These courses can be arranged on site or on the premises of the accredited trainers who are used to deliver this training.

Regular courses we run are as follows:

Industrial Masted Industrial Telescopic Reach Rough Terrain Masted Rough Terrain Telescopic Pedestrian Operated Pallet Truck

Industrial Masted

Industrial Masted.pdf

Industrial Telescopic

Industrial Telescopic.pdf


Reach Truck.pdf

Rough Terrain Masted

Rough Terrain Masted.pdf

Rough Terrain Telescopic

Rough Terrain Telescopic.pdf

Pedestrian Operated Pallet Truck

Pedestrian Operated Pallet Truck.pdf